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The Poecilotheria metallica is a special kind of tarantula. This blue beauty is known by many names like gooty sapphire ornamental tree spider, gooty tarantula or the blue peacock parachute spider. Its habitat is very humid and can be found in central southern India. With all its names, it's very easy to tell that this [ Poecilotheria metallica (Pocock/1899), ook wel de Gooty sapphire ornamental, Metallic blue ornamental of Gooty tarantula genoemd, is een tot de Het Poecilotheria-genus is uitgerust met zeer opvallende kleuren en markeringen, zij het dat menig hobbyist de felblauwe Poecilotheria metallica als 1 van de paradepaardjes in de hobby beschouwt Poecilotheria metallica. The Poecilotheria metallicas with the common names of Gooty sapphire ornamental tree spiders, Sapphire blue ornamental, and Peacock parachute spiders are native to Central southern India and Andhra Pradesh deciduous forests Poecilotheria metallica Appearance. One of the many reasons why this tarantula is so expensive is its brilliant appearance! The entire Poecilotheria genus is visually stunning, but P. metallica is unique in the sense that it has a brilliant metallic blue hue.. Its entire body, especially its legs, have this coloration, and its accented with hints of white, yellow, and black

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Poecilotheria metallica, known throughout the hobby as the Gooty Sapphire Ornamental, Metallic Blue Tarantula and the Peacock Parachute Spider, is an Old World arboreal tarantula that has an interesting history. This species was initially described by the arachnologist Pocock in 1899 in the town of Gooty in India which is where the common name. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube 0.1 Poecilotheria metallica adult - 40 000.-Ft 0.2 Poecilotheria metallica subadult - 37 000.-Ft 0.1 Xenesthis sp white 4,5-5cm test - 70 000.-Ft 0.1 Pamphobeteus sp mascara adult - 35 000.-Ft 0.1 Pamphobeteus sp. penta 3-4 cm test 18 000 Ft 1.1 Theraphosa blondi 3,5cm test - 40 000.-Ft/pár 1.0 Theraphosa apophysis 3,5-4cm test - 15 000.-Ft/d Poecilotheria metallica is still one of the most sought after species in the tarantula community, due to their stunning colouration, size, and patterns. Reginald Innes Pocock initially discovered them in 1899 in Gooty, but then was never seen in that area after

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Poecilotheria metallica. We have several very rare Gooty Sapphire Ornamental tarantulas for sale at amazing prices. The creme de la creme of tarantulas, it is a highly sought after arachnid is also known as the Peacock Parachute spider. This beautiful arboreal species is native to an area fewer than 39 square miles in India, and catches prey. -->> POECILOTHERIA <<-- - Sada madárpókos oldala. Ajánló. Az totális tévhit, hogy minden nagyobb pók veszélyes és agresszív állat, mivel a legtöbb madárpók nagyon békés és csendes lakótárs Poecilotheria metallica - Minden ami pókokkal kapcsolatos! Méret: 16-19 cm Tartási hőmérséklet: 22-26°C Páratartalom: 70% Talaj: 4-5cm. Agresszivitás: Agresszí Established in 1964, the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species has evolved to become the world's most comprehensive information source on the global conservation status of animal, fungi and plant species

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Poecilotheria metallica has similar intricate geometric body coloration as other Poecilotheria species, but it is the only species in the genus to be covered in blue hair. While it is young, P. metallica is less chromatic, the coloring turns to blue as it matures Poecilotheria metallica Pocock, 1899 References Primary references . Pocock, R.I. 1899. The genus Poecilotheria: its habits, history and species. Annals and Magazine of Natural History (7) 3: 82-96.. Poecilotheria metallica Pocock, 1899, also known as Gooty sapphire ornamental, Metallic blue ornamental or Gooty tarantula, is a stunning bird spider due to its coloration and pattern from Southeast India. Gooty in its common name refers to the place where she has been found for the first time, which is wrong since although the animal was caught in the railway timber yard in. The spider species Poecilotheria metallica, commonly known as Peacock Parachute Spider, belongs to the genus Poecilotheria, in the family Theraphosidae.Poecilotheria metallica spiders have been sighted 1 times by contributing members. Based on collected data, the geographic range for Poecilotheria metallica includes 1 countries and 0 states in the United States Habitat: India's seasonal cycle includes three main phases: the cool, dry winter from October to March; the hot, dry summer from April to June; and the southwest monsoon season of warm, torrential rains from mid-June to September.India's winter season brings cold temperatures to the mountain slopes and northern plains; temperatures in the Thar Desert reach freezing at night

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  1. Common name: Gooty Sapphire Ornamental Scientific name: Poecilotheria metallica Experience level: Advanced Appearance: Poecilotheria metallica tarantulas have a beautiful geometric body coloration, and is the only Poecilotheria (or Pokie) species that has blue hair.Interestingly enough, this blue hue comes through much more when a Poecilotheria metallica matures, as these tarantulas are much.
  2. Poecilotheria metallica Élőhely: Dél-Kelet India. (Gooty) Méret: A testhossz elérheti a 6-8 centimétert. Lábterpeszre ez 16-19 cm-t jelent. Színezet: A Poecilotheria- fajok közül az egyik legszebb. Alapszíne sötétkék, fémesen csillogó, utóteste kékes-lilás ritka vöröses szõrökkel. Rajzolatuk rendkívül tetszetős
  3. Poecilotheria metallica Name The name Poecilotheria is derived from Greek poikilos - spotted and therion - wild beast. Metallica reflects brilliant metallic blue color. This whole genus of arboreal tarantulas exhibits an intricate fractal-like pattern on the abdomen. The spider's natural habitat is primarily Southeastern India and Sri Lanka
  4. gochilus sp rufus (2.5cm) 45,00 z
  5. Poecilotheria metallica sling advice. Thread starter hancan97; Start date Nov 18, 2020; Nov 18, 2020 #1 hancan97 Arachnopeon. Joined Nov 18, 2020 Messages 0. I recently got a p. metallica sling and decided to take to the community for advice. I don't have a lot of experience with tarantulas (my first T was a Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens a few.
  6. Description. Scientific Name: Poecilotheria metallica Common Names: Sapphire Ornamental | Gooty Sapphire Ornamental Not for beginners. Without a doubt one of the most beautiful tarantulas in the world, the Sapphire Ornamental Tarantula, sometimes called the Gooty Ornamental (although it's not actually from Gooty, India) is still one of the most sought-after species for almost every tarantula.

Poecilotheria metallica Pocock, 1899 Taxonomic Serial No.: 865619 (Download Help) Poecilotheria metallica TSN 865619 Taxonomy and Nomenclature Kingdom: Animalia : Taxonomic Rank: Species : Synonym(s): Common Name(s): Taxonomic Status: Current Standing: valid Data Quality Indicators:. Jul 18, 2017 - Explore Alisha Nichols's board Poecilotheria metallica on Pinterest. See more ideas about poecilotheria metallica, metallica, old mature Poecilotheria metallica success AF molted August 2013 She was paired with 4 different mature males from the end of September to November 2013.most males were left in for a day or so and taken out

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Poecilotheria rufilata (2.5cm) - Redslate ornamental tarantula. 40,00 zł. Caribena versicolor (1.5cm) - Martinique PinkToe (old Avicularia versicolor) 50,00 zł. Avicularia purpurea (1.5cm) - Purple Pinktoe. 80,00 zł. Poecilotheria miranda (2.5cm) - Bengal Ornamental. 35,00 zł. Phormingochilus sp rufus (2.5cm) 45,00 zł. Idiothele mira. Poecilotheria metallica # Explore Tunedbeat's photos on Flickr. Tunedbeat has uploaded 277 photos to Flickr. Article by Geneviève L'Heureux. 3. Reptiles And Amphibians Mammals Poecilotheria Metallica Image Nature Praying Mantis Beautiful Bugs Bugs And Insects Weird Creatures Mundo Animal I disliked and hated this theme. First of all, the upper HTML bar area on the top of the screen is the wrong shade of blue - this shade of blue does not contrast well with the white of many webpages

Poecilotheria metallica, madárpókos póló, fehér színben. 100% pamut alapanyag. A pólóra digitális nyomtatóval kerül rá a grafika, ezért minősége kiváló. Nem kemény, nem kényelmetlen, nem vastag nyomtatás Detailed taxonomic information about the spider families. In synonymy: Poecilotheria bara Chamberlin, 1917 = Poecilotheria subfusca Pocock, 1895 (Kirk, 1996: 21). Poecilotheria chaojii Mirza, Sanap & Bhosale, 2014 = Poecilotheria tigrinawesseli Smith, 2006 (Sherwood, 2019a: 19). Poecilotheria gadgili (Tikader, 1977, T from Ornithoctonus) = Poecilotheria regalis Pocock, 1899 (Wirth, 1991a: 5) Poecilotheria metallica pee-suh-luh-THI-ree-uh Gooty ornamental (Pocock, 1899) juvenile. One of the most popular, having brilliant patterns reaching 8 and very bulky. Aggressive arboreals, like all attractive pokies, reports of high potency of venom follows this spider with recommended cautio

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This poster features all available 14 Poecilotheria species in the hobby, including all the adult males, in a total of 30 stacked images! With over 650 Megapixels, this poster shows this genus with all the details it deserves and is the biggest, most advanced and detailed Poecilotheria poster ever made Fájl:Poecilotheria metallica.jpg. Ugrás a navigációhoz Ugrás a kereséshez. Fájl; Fájltörténet; Fájlhasználat; Globális fájlhasználat; Metaadatok; Az előnézet mérete: 582 × 600 képpont További felbontások: 233 × 240 képpont | 466 × 480 képpont | 994 × 1 024 képpont. Eredeti fájl ‎ (994 × 1. metallica master of puppets; poecilotheria metallica; metallica ride the lightning; czapka metallica; metallica; metallica cd; kaseta metallica; metallica - T-shirty; plakat metallica; bluza metallica Poecilotheria metallica, Poecilotheria formosa, Poecilotheria ornata, Poecilotheria regalis This species is mentioned in the following resources : Habitat and Type Localit The Gooty sapphire tarantula, also known as Poecilotheria metallica, can leave humans in intense pain for over a week with just one bite. NOPE. NOPE. NOPE. level 2. SnowWomble. 74 points · 2 months ago. Pain that will get a grown man crying. Palpitations, intense muscle pain, temperature fluctuations, swelling etc..

Helló, ez a #poecilotheria metallica. Kattints! Képek és videók a témában A little background - The Poecilotheria metallica is known in the trade by its common name 'Gooty Sapphire Ornamental', 'Metallic Blue Ornamental', or simply 'Sapphire Ornamental'. The former refers to the locus classicus, or the type locality, of the species, which is endemic to Southeast India Find poecilotheria metallica stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Thousands of new, high-quality pictures added every day Jul 18, 2017 - Explore Alisha Nichols's board Poecilotheria metallica on Pinterest. See more ideas about Poecilotheria metallica, Metallica, Old mature Poecilotheria tigrinawesseli Female (7cm) 150,00 zł. Kochiana brunnipes Adult Female. 235,00 zł. Ceratogyrus darlingi SubAdult Female - East African Horned Baboon. 200,00 zł. Grammostola pulchripes Adult Female - Chaco Golden Knee. 705,00 zł. Cyriocosmus leetzi Adult Female - Columbian Dwarf. 260,00 zł. Poecilotheria regalis SubAdult.

Scientific name : Poecilotheria metallica Common name : Gooty Sapphire Ornamental Tree Spider Gender : Female Camera : iPhone 5 Flash : Natural Ligh Also, many other species of Poecilotheria, like the hobby favorite P. metallica, were NOT included in this ban. For the time being, the Indian species are safe and can still be imported and sold across state lines. Many in the hobby are trying to view this as a could have been worse scenario Poecilotheria metallica : Fiche d'élevage: Nicolas et Fred. Description Habitat. Comportement. Défense. Avis de l'auteur : Fermer la fenêtre. Poecilotheria hanumavilasumica Smith, 2004 - India; Poecilotheria metallica Pocock, 1899 - India; Poecilotheria miranda Pocock, 1900 - India; Poecilotheria ornata Pocock, 1899 - Sri Lanka; Poecilotheria vittata Kirk, 2001 - Sri Lanka; Poecilotheria rajaei Nanayakkara et al., 2012 - Sri Lanka; tigris madárpók (Poecilotheria regalis) Pocock.

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Projects & initiatives International Consortium on Combating Wildlife Crime (ICCWC) Supporting sustainable management of endangered tree species and conservation of the African Elephant MIKE Programme Archived topics Rhinoceroce poecilotheria metallica is the only spider in the poecilotheria genuswith blue hair Have a definition for Poecilotheria Metallica ? Write it here to share it with the entire community Dec 4, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by eclectic interests. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres

Poecilotheria Metallica. Poecilotheria Metallica. Poecilotheria Metallica Images Spiders Roof Tiles Images Spiders Roof Tile Poecilotheria Metallica (Gooty Sapphire Ornamental) Sling 3cm LIVEFOOD. Condition is New. Dispatched with Royal Mail 1pm special delivery If there is a day you prefer delivery leave me a note I also sell other items and can combine postag Poecilotheria Metallica Gooty Sapphire Ornamental TARANTULA Sling 2.5cm LiveFood. I will post these out with a heat pack. They will be posted at the last collection of the day at my post office. They will be carefully packed into tubs and snuggly wrapped up. Some of these may be bigger than 2.5cm and each sale I will post the biggest. </p><br><br><p>Condition is New Poecilotheria metallica Pocock, 1899. kingdom Animalia - animals » phylum Arthropoda - arthropods » class Arachnida - arachnids » order Araneae - spiders » family Theraphosidae - tarantulas » genus Poecilotheria - ornamental tarantula Poecilotheria metallica. Élőhely:Dél-Kelet India; Életmód:Fánlakó; Az egyik legszebb madárpókok közé tartoznak e faj képviselői, de a Poecilotheria fajok közül az egyik legszebb. Alapszíne sötétkék, fémesen csillogó, utóteste kékes-lilás. Rajzolatuk rendkívül tetszetős, mint a legtöbb Poecilotheria fajnál

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